Mail server and posting via mobile



-- Fri Jun 3 03:57:42 PM EDT 2022


The post generator and the notebook writer work!

I made some music, and I might post it on here later.

I tried to add this capsule to but I don't know if it has worked yet. Once it appears on there then I will probably add this capsule to LEO so that it can be discovered more easily.

I also tried to start self-hosting a mail server, it works but I don't know how well yet. At least it lets me use my own domain! The only problem is that when you try to go to this site via http(s), it'll show the mail interface instead of an error. I added a notice, hopefully people will read it.


-- Fri Jun 3 09:29:52 PM EDT 2022


I tried to access the server through the web ssh service of the vps provider so that I could run the post generator and the notebook writer from my phone. The post generator and the notebook writer are both a set of bash scripts. It worked, but the web ssh service was really clunky from my phone and did not work very well. Typing words was weird and some words would show twice when I pressed backspace for some reason. The interface did not do this from my computer, except for using vim. I connected directly by ssh from my computer instead of using the web ssh service. I found an ssh client for android called 'Termius' and now I can make these posts easily on my phone, except for that I cannot use swipe type for some weird reason. This ssh client also puts a little toolbar above the keyboard where you can input buttons that aren't normally on the keyboard, like tab, ctrl, esc, and the arrow keys. If I could figure out how to make swipe type work again then I think this would be the perfect solution.


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