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hi this is my gemlog, it's like a weblog (blog) but on gemini

posts can only be daily because they're seperated by date and there's only one day per day

a second timestamp will be used to indicate time passing, instead of making a new post on the same day

oh, what else.. oh yeah i'll try to update this regularly but i'll probably forget some days

this index page is generated with some bash scripts I made to make it easier to make posts


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2023-09-04 - Finish the conlang, dublU!!



2023-08-22 - Lightweight http page

2023-08-13 - Back again!





2022-11-24 - HTTP Proxy

2022-11-23 - Notebook word wrap



2022-06-06 - Sshfs

2022-06-04 - Seperate server for gemini capsule

2022-06-03 - Mail server and posting via mobile

2022-06-02 - Testing the post generator

2022-06-01 - Started this capsule




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