Back again!



-- Sun Aug 13 21:34:14 EDT 2023


Hello, I finally got this servar back up and running. This time I'm using yunohost because I'm lazy. Its works really well though, I can easily setup different services and it feels a lot more stable than if I were just running them individually.


Setting this capsule back up was pretty easy, I used the "my_capsule" application and copied the old capsule files here. Then, since it already had htmgem installed (htmgem is for https support), I only had to change the CSS file to make it look better. I had forgotten that I left the old CSS file in the gemini capsule folder, I thought I had deleted it, so I ended up making a new CSS file, and I think that I like this one better anyway.




Lately, I've been really interested in steno, specifically, machine steno. I got myself a Uni keyboard a while ago, but I picked it up again about a month ago. I'm still pretty slow, around 9 or 10 WPM, but I find it really enjoyable. I'm using the steno keyboard right now! I still make a lot of mistakes, and have to look up a couple words here and there, it feels like I'm writing very lazily. I'm barely moving my fingers, and a whole word pops out! And of course, you can't forget the joy of telling people that you use a 23-key keyboard. "But there are 26 letters!?"


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