Finish the conlang, dublU!!



-- Mon Sep 4 20:37:14 EDT 2023


Recently I've been working on a conlang with some friends I met online, called IjeĆ°a. Tomorrow I want to finish figuring out adjectives, and also find out all the holes in the grammar, so the language can be (at least mostly) complete. Once I get this done, then I'll finally be able to make resources for the language, so other people can learn how it works. This is something I've been putting off for a while now. Currently, all if the grammar _is_ written down in a spreadsheet, but the spreadsheet isn't good for learning anything, because there aren't many explanations for how things are supposed to work. The other problem is that the grammar is changing somewhat frequently. If I can just get it done and finished, then I will be able to make resources that don't have to be continuously updated.


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