Seperate server for gemini capsule



-- Sat Jun 4 15:32:37 EDT 2022


I moved this gemini capsule to a different server so that the mail server and this server are seperate. Going to this server via http(s) would only take you to the mail server, and I didn't want anybody trying to go to this capsule to end up on my e-mail login screen. I had to fiddle around with the ssh keys to get this system to work again, but it works now. I think I should set up an sftp server for the gemini capsule for ease of use.


-- Sat Jun 4 20:27:17 EDT 2022


Whoops, I accidentally deleted my e-mail server, I will have to set that up again. The first time I set it up I had no idea that I was doing, so this time I might be able to understand what I am doing. I was setting up a nextcloud server because I wanted to, and as soon as I finished setting it up I realized that I wasn't going to use it for anything, and that the server would cost $10/month, which is too much money for something I won't be using. I deleted the server and then realized that I had deleted the nextcloud server instead of the e-mail server. Oh well, I guess it is a learning experience. Check which server you are deleting before you delete it! At least I didn't delete this gemini capsule. The plan I am using the the e-mail server is 2GB of ram, which is barely enough, but it has 50GB of storage, which is more than plently. I wish I could use it for something else. I might set up an sftp server or something like that.

I also learned that you can save certain hosts for ssh so that you don't have to type out the whole command every time. You can make a file at ~/.ssh/config and then fill it with this:

Host server-name
	User username
	Port 1234
	IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa
	Hostname ip.12.34.56

then you can just type 'ssh server-name' instead of 'ssh username@ip.12.34.56 -p 1234'


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