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Intro to Progāza


Uzaīja, welcome to the Progāza (anglicized: Proganese) section of learn Ijeða! Here you will learn about what there is to know about the best Ijeða language.


What is Progāza?

Progāza is a language that split from standard Ijeða after the 16 Ysto (18th of June, 2023) reform. It became a dialect on the 56th of Seðysa (16th of May, 2023).

Since then, it has been slowly splitting away from standard Ijeða.


Differences from Standard Ijeða


Progāza has some extra sounds that dont exist in standard Ijeða (see the romanization page for everything), these are p, b, d, g, f, and v.

While it does add 6 sounds, one of them is a replacement for w (v).


there are quite a few grammatical differences from Ijeða, which i will explain in the grammar section.


Progāza has about 80 words that dont exist in the standard dialect.

Progāza (at the time of writing this (17th of september, 2023 (34ras Šōmi, 0))) has 667 words, while ijeða has around 589.



Progāza was officially started on the 56th of Seðysa (16th of May, 2023). I have been considering it a seperate language since around the 50th of Ysto (22 July, 2023)

Mutual intelligability between Progāza and Ijeða is a tad questionable, but they are mostly mutually intelligable.


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