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ég er þreyttur (það er íslenska, ekki prógaska)

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Basic Vocab


Lets start with a tad bit of an introduction for yourself, yes?


lets say you meet someone really cool and you want them to know everything about you (thats a bit ambitious lets start with the basics)


YOU want to give this fella your name, so how do you do that?

a few ways. if you aren't in a hurry, you can say "sāju zēnoð [then your name or whatever]" (literally "my name [name]")

if you are in a hurry, you can simply say "sa [your name]" (literally "i [name]") (please replace [your name] with some name that you want to be known as)



with that second one, you dont have to worry about specifying that it "is" your name, context does that for you.


heres a list of phrases you can tell your friends, or other progāza speakers


how are you - ja īskaþ / īskaþ ja (literally you how, or how you it doenst matter actually how you say it)


unfinished please give me sentences you want to translate by the following

dm @.theros on discord

dm @theros on aþase

email on wait what

ping @.theros in the ijeða discord server atleast 1 time

do things idk maybe